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Hi, I'm Simon Bennett from Reflections Splashbacks

Simon Bennett's Bio:

My name is Simon Bennett, I am a tiler by trader, for about fifteen years. Recently I have moved to supplying innovative kitchen splashbacks as an alternative to glass splashbacks, tile, stone, stainless steel or acrylic. Throughout my time as a trade certified tiler, I have tiled many splashbacks in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Kitchen splashbacks are growing in popularity for wet areas around the house. The lack of good options for home owners has driven me to import and distribute a new breed of kitchen splashbacks. The surface is made up of aluminium composite layers resulting in the appeal of glass splashbacks, but at just over half the cost.

Stone and tile splashbacks become very difficult to install when shaping is required to fit the panel amongst fittings and cabinetry. Glass splashbacks become especially difficult and expensive to install. Reflections is the ideal alternative for home owners looking for a beautfiul, easy to install and cost effective splashback for their kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Our splashbacks are available online to make it more available to New Zealanders. If you are looking for Kitchen Splashbacks Auckland or bathroom splashbacks Hamilton or Wellington Shower Wall Panels, we can post an easy to install splashback.

Reflections Splashbacks can be ordered from our Bathroom and Kitchen Splashbacks website. Our splashbacks are so easy to install, they can be done with DIY. A jigsaw is needed to cut it.

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